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Babylon Maritime Agency offers a range of services one of which is bunkering at and off Malta.

Malta’s location, just 20 nautical miles south of the main shipping route in the Mediterranean Sea, makes it an ideal place for vessels to take bunkers without deviating from their route. There are a number of established bunker suppliers providing timely delivery of various types of Fuel Oil Grades, Gas Oils and Lube Oils.


Around the Maltese Islands there are 4 offshore bunkering locations which make it possible to supply vessels in most weather conditions.  We can also offer the service of bunkers in port either ex-pipe, by barge or by road tankers.


We as Agents will make sure to keep all parties updated with all relevant information for a well-organized delivery.

High efficiency & professional in bunkering operations 

We guarantee you the right bunker quality at the right  & competitive price.

We guarantee no delays and bunker operations begins on arrival.

Do you know the bunker supplier you are dealing with?

We guarantee you the right supplier for your needs.

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